The Reading Room

Sibbertoft Reading Room is, in all but name, our “Village Hall”.  Together with the church and pub it is a key focal point for events within the village and is an essential part of village life.

It was given to the village in 1911 by a local benefactor Elizabeth Mansel and subsequently extended in the 1960s so that the original hall is now larger and a kitchen and toilets were added.

The hall is available for hire for one-off events or on a regular basis. It is regularly booked for parties, keep fit classes and meetings amongst other things. In addition, the management committee arrange some events during the year. There is usually an annual quiz night and there have been dinner dances and beer festivals.  These are fundraisers but also help to foster a good community spirit.  As the hall is over 100 years old it needs constant upkeep so that it continues to be a focal point for many generations to come.

We welcome any ideas for future fundraising events and are happy to support any villagers who may wish to use the Reading Room for a club or society.

Charitable status and management
Sibbertoft Reading Room became a registered charity in 1965 with charity number 304245.  The charity is a not for profit organisation, governed by a trust deed and has two trustees. However, the day to day running of the hall and all decisions are taken by a voluntary management committee elected annually at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).  All inhabitants of the village who are 18 or over may attend and vote at the AGM. The committee also hold at least two ordinary meetings each year.


Dimensions: The hall is 11m long and 7.8m wide, narrowing to 5m, giving approximately 70sqm (750 sqft) of floor space.

Folding tables are available in 3 sizes:
Six large tables (180cmx60cm) seating up to 8 people;
Six medium tables (125cmx60cm) seating up to 6 people;
Six small tables (90cmx60cm) seating up to 4 people.

Two trolleys store a total of 64 folding chairs with padded seats.

There is a fitted kitchen, equipped with an electric oven with four ring ceramic hob, microwave, fridge freezer, water urn, electric hostess trolley and two electric kettles. There is sufficient crockery for up to 40 or 50 place settings with dinner plates, side plates, bowls, cups and saucers. Cutlery is also provided.

Other facilities
Two toilets

The front entrance has large double doors.  We have a ramp that can be put down to allow wheelchair access to the hall.

There is a small carpark at the front of the hall that can accommodate several cars.  Parking is also available on the road.


Please call Lilian on 01858 880721.
If Lilian is unavailable please call Joan on 01858 880820.

Rates:   £8 per hour rental
This is low in comparison with other halls in the area as the hall is a community run not-for-profit provision.

In order to keep costs low we employ a cleaner to wash the floors and clean the toilets and kitchen on a weekly basis, not at the end of each day.  We therefore ask that hirers leave the Reading Room in a clean and tidy manner after use so that the next people coming in find it in an acceptable manner.

Please pay attention to how you leave the hall after the hire period:

  1. Tables need to be wiped before they are put away.  They should be stacked and chained for safety. 
  2. Chairs should be replaced on the trolleys.
  3. We would be grateful if the rubbish is put in the bin and floors swept.
  4. All crockery should be washed up and returned to the cupboards, and the kitchen surfaces wiped.
  5. As the toilets and kitchen do not have their own storage heaters, please leave the inner doors ajar to allow the heat to circulate. Please make no adjustments to the storage heaters.
  6. Turn off all lights when you leave.
  7. Please report any damage or problems to Lilian or Joan.

Forthcoming Events

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