The Reading Room

Sibbertoft Reading Room acts as the village hall serving a population of approximately 340. It is a registered charity. Apart from the church and the pub, it is the only point of contact for the village and, as such, it plays an important role in village life. It was gifted to the village by a benefactor a century ago. The Reading Room is overseen by two trustees, but the day to day running of the hall and all decisions are taken by a management committee who are volunteers and elected annually at an open AGM.

The hall is available for hire and a number of organisations use it on a regular basis. Individuals also hire it for parties, etc. and the management committee put on dinner dances, quiz nights, etc. As the hall is 100 years old it needs constant upkeep so that it continues to be a focal point for many generations to come. The revenue to undertake this comes from funds raised from events or users of the hall plus a grant from the Parish Council. Anyone wishing to book the hall for a private party or meeting venue can call Lilian on 01858 880721. If Lilian is unavailable please call Joan on 01858 880820.

Forthcoming Events

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